Horses And Me

A little mindful help …


Sometimes life can feel very overwhelming … and in these moments it’s wise to take a breath, and step back for a little while to regain your sense of calm. Animals know how to do this very well! And from just being around them, even for the shortest time, we are certain to feel more settled and at ease with whatever challenges we are facing internally or externally.

Horses are flight animals – they will run away and ask questions later! Yet when the coast is clear, and their surroundings are certified as safe they will calmly continue their day grazing, rolling, resting and grooming each other in a very peaceful state of mind. This is when a wonderful opportunity presents itself to us. If you are fortunate enough to have your own horses, or simply have access to horses and ponies – when they are out in the field this is where the magic happens …

If you are able to … Find and make valuable time to be around these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat.


* Watch them from a far as they quietly communicate with each other side by side. Take in their behaviour towards each other. Their interest in their surroundings. Their acceptance of the moment and their connection to the nature all around them. It is very difficult to not feel a presence of peace sweep over you as this all goes on before your eyes.

* There is something very soothing about the way their ears will twitch picking out sounds on the breeze. Not to mention the sheer joy expressed in their youthful moments – it is infectious to see their exuberance as they canter, and jump into the air, bucking and frolicking with pure enthusiasm for being alive.

* Immerse yourself in their antics and their world – and take in every detail you can – from their expressions – to their movements – and even if you can … take in their emotions – imagine what they are feeling and thinking.

When engaged with a horse in this manner – they’re wild spirit is right before you and its impossible to not stand in awe at this beautiful creature. For in these moments, all fears, doubts, & worries within you, will dissolve and you’ll truly be at one with horses.

You can carry this peace with you, and tune into it whenever you feel you’re in need –

“Horses carry the wisdom of healing in their hearts – and offer it to any human who possess the humility to listen”

Author Unknown

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