Horses are Angels without Wings

Sometimes they just know …


Today, a very touching moment occured with one of my lovely ponies …


I feel it showed a glowing example of how tuned in to our emotions and feelings animals actually are.

I had completed all my horsey duties and a peaceful moment swept over me, as the sun shone brightly down onto the meadow. Spring in full swing! I thought, just for a little while, I would watch the ponies happily occupied with their grazing time and leant against the fence posts to admire them in their happy moments. As my eyes scanned the entirety of the meadow, I returned my gaze to the herd, only to be greeted by a inquisitive looking face with a forelock filled with mud….this lovely little horse of mine then proceeded to place his head upon my shoulder – and he just rested there – so peacefully, with the sun on his coat. I chatted to him quietly as he stood so trustingly and time almost seemed to stand still as I spoke away, and he listened, his ears every now and then twitching, as if responding to my words.

It was as though in those moments – my peace was his peace – and his peace was mine. It intrigued me deeply, because I had no treats to offer, he had everything he needed to be comfortable in the paddock – yet he chose to come to my side and just rest in my company.

It is so special when animals bestow their trust and affection upon us – I felt as though this dear horse of mine was reassuring me in some way. Letting me know I was okay, and everything would work out. It may sound far fetched somehow – but whether you have a spiritual view of animals, admire them from a distance or you simply just adore them – there is no escaping how any moment shared with them is sure to make you feel so much better about everything, including yourself.

‘ When you find peace within yourself – you find it everywhere ‘


I wonder if anyone else has experienced moments like this with their beloved pets ? …

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