In riding a horse we borrow freedom ~

A little touch of my story . . .


I’ve decided to open my heart a little on these pages … and share a little more about everyday mindfulness and horsey things.

This blog has been in my mind for sometime now – often my inspiration floods into my thoughts when I am indeed having a mindfulness moment with my own precious horses.



I have begun to write and create at a time in my life when I am trying to be brave, despite the countless score of fears that circle my anxious mind on a minute by minute basis. Writing, and my horses, have always been dear to me – so putting the two together equals a sort of ‘healing mission’ for me – and I thought how nice to share my experiences here.

My new year began (2016) with me on the edge or rather honestly … in the midst … of a nervous breakdown. I have always suffered with worries and anxiety since a little girl, but after visiting my lovely doctor, knowing full well my emotional well-being was extremely fragile, I was signed off with Severe Clinical Anxiety. Help and support followed in a bid to help me feel my old self again, and become well once more.

Mental health is often treated by those who do not understand its debilitating presence, as something to be questioned or to feel skeptical about – a broken leg is terrible – but a broken mind … this puzzles many.  I knew my mind was breaking, but it took compassion and intuition from my family to encourage me forwards and take the reins from my hands, at a time when I could not hold them myself.

Mental illnesses are very real – very overwhelming – and very emotionally painful to manage – but the gift of time I have been given by accepting help, has allowed me to steadily reach out to the special things around me that envoke love, peace and happiness – instead of panic, sadness, dread and intense fear and stress!

My writing life begins, new experiences await – and horses will be my guide…my ponies certainly will be and already are!

So…from a girl on a journey to heal, with her horses at her side, I aim to record my findings and many positive pony moments along the way …. and if they offer hope and any inspiration to others, that will be a blessing! Xxx

With Loving Wishes

Please do feel free to explore here …


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