Spring prayers ~

enchanting spring walks and thoughts


~ A spring prayer ~

I pray for the sun to warm you each day.

I pray for contentment to guide your way .

I wish for you laughter and happier times,

   so clouds disappear and sun always shines.  






‘and I think to myself…what a wonderful world’

Eva Cassidy

Walking the woods and the meadow gives me such a sense of belonging and peace. As my Mum and I took in the beautiful Spring day coming to life around us, we couldn’t help but feel as though the worries and weights of the world were lifting from our shoulders.

Sadly, we walk without our beloved spaniel beside us now. It was her most favourite place – the woodland.

Yet, as if by magic, as the sunlight sparkled between the branches, casting rays upon the greenery below, little shimmers of golden light flickered amongst the undergrowth – and it was as though we could see her fluffy coat dart in and out of the trees, catching the shadows.

Such beautiful memories. Pets leave paw prints on your heart…


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