A horse’s wish

A poem to move your soul


Today, I am deeply saddened to my very core to hear of some of the most heartbreaking and devastating acts of animal cruelty I think the world has ever seen.  To read the shocking things human beings can do to each other and to our beautiful animal kingdom is beyond any kind of comprehension.

Every time an animal, be it a horse, cat, dog, rabbit – any living creature – offers it’s trust to me … I am in awe of that connection they so longingly wish to bestow. How people can abuse that willing devotion and trusting bond – I simply do not know.

This poem is so moving – although its content is many distances away from cruelty, I think it so beautifully acknowledges an animal’s emotions and feelings, and how it is our duty, even in their last hours, to continue giving them unconditional love through every phase of their lives, right to the very end. No pain. No suffering. Just a gloriously cared for life with a devoted owner.

I am just so very heartbroken that some creatures of this world never got to experience human kindness.  I hope they are safe now where no harm can come to them.



The horse’s wish ~ Poem

If the day should come when I’m in pain,
and you know I won’t be well again.
Promise me, you will do what must be done,
if this is the battle that cannot be won.

It’ll break your heart, but please be kind.
Don’t let your grieving sway your mind.
For this is when you will let me see,
just how much you do love me.

Together we have had happy years,
the future now, can hold no fears.
Please don’t let me suffer so …
When the time comes…. please let me go.

For a kind vet please will you send?
But please stay with me till the very end.
Hold me steady and talk to me
Till my bright eyes no longer see.

In time I hope you’ll come to see,
it’s the last kindness you can do for me.
One more time please stroke my mane
and know that I’ll have no more pain.

And don’t be sad that it was you
who decided this was what to do.
We’ve been such buddies through the years,
don’t let me be the cause of tears.

You’ll always see me graze now,
with the sun upon my back.
Painful limbs won’t tire me now,
however long the hack.

I live now in your heart and mind
a lovely place to stay,
and what you have in memories…
no one can ever take away.


‘ Author Unknown ‘

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