And then there were two …

Healing together


Riding the beautiful hill tops today, surrounded by fields of gold and green, there was a sense of healing amongst us all.


My two ‘black beauty horses’ have amazed me at their acceptance of the loss of my dear old pony. I guess animals are so deeply connected to nature – they must know more than we do about the circle of life. Did Bridie communicate to them that her life was coming to a close? How do they know not to whinny and call for her? How do they know with such settled minds that she can no longer answer back?

I feared this day for so long. I feared having my ponies distressed at my dear girls absence from this world. But they are not distressed as they always were when separated for riding, or routine everyday things. They have accepted her departure without any sense of confusion or anxiety. The just seem to know. She went to sleep in the field. And she didn’t wake up. They saw from a far what was happening. They must have understood…

Or maybe…they are not distressed because somehow, someway she is still there with them. Her body may have gone from this world, but her energy, her personality – maybe it’s still with us at the meadow – and that’s why day to day, they are coping. Is part of her close by to us? We cannot fully make sense of it, I guess we can only go by how we feel. But if my two beautiful ponies feel everything is okay, I wonder if I should simply trust the healing they offer?

Watching them these last few days, I am in total awe of their remarkable ability to seemingly know how to heal after loss.

Horses in today’s society have to adapt to so many things – Are they teaching me a little something about healing and adapting too?

If they are, I want to continue listening and admiring this lesson from them, as much as I possibly can.

I know they have already made a huge impression upon my sore heart and helping it recover from saying goodbye to a beloved friend.

Thank you my special ‘Two of a Kind’  ~  Thank you.

Today I felt the first real touches of healing and I couldn’t have found that without you both by my side.



And then there were two …

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