Horses are exceptional creatures when it comes to forming long lasting bonds with each other. My two precious mares, before being joined by our handsome ‘Black Beauty’ – have and still hold, a very precious bond together. A bond so steady and strong, that no other horses can replace it if they were to be separated. I’ve have promised them that this will never happen!

Horses parted from their pair bonds suffer great emotional distress. It is like they have lost a family member and their security and safety. Tremendous care must be taken in this instance to build the horses trust and acceptance, whilst helping them adapt to life with a new companion. Some struggle immensely with this lost connection from their pair bond. Others, with careful, sensitive handling and rehabilitation grow to comfortably manage without them.

It shows so beautifully to me – it’s not about quantity. It’s truly about the quality of the friendship in your life. Just having one special person who understands. Excepts you and loves you for everything that makes you, you – is very much enough. They are hard to find. But truly worthwhile holding on to. I am very blessed to have such special people. Though I didn’t always. You know when you’ve found such people, because just like a horses loving pair bond, things just aren’t the same without them.




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