Memories shared ~

I miss my beautiful girl so much – but my little herd of two are gentle reminders daily that what we shared together, the lessons learnt, the glorious canters in the open fields, the tears in her mane, the smiles at her affection and cheeky ways – are all still very real, and we shall keep on remembering everything special we had in our near eleven years … in her loving memory, we carry on.


When I first met my Bridie, she craned her neck around to peer at this teenage who appeared at her side overwhelmed at the very thought that this beautiful chestnut pony could possibly be hers.  ‘Would you like to come and live with me,’ I said. ‘I feel safe with you.’


Our last moment together, and she still had that look in her eyes. Except this time, it felt so different. There was loyalty and companionship and a sense of knowing each other inside out. I am sure as I held her close to me in those final few minutes, I could hear and feel the very words I said to her all those years ago. She whispered so clearly before her eyes softly went still.

‘I feel safe with you too.’ 



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