The moments that take our breath away

Country joys and picnic rides


Cow parsley. Bird song. Golden fields. Green meadows. Little lambs. Leafy orchards. Canter tracks. Hoof beats. Stony trails. Clip clop lanes. Hill tops. Tall trees. Picnic benches.


Laughter – friendship

Horse life – Country living

Our world at the top of a mountain

When you find what makes you happy – everything makes sense. I hope you fill the scrapbook of your life with as many heartfelt and joyful moments as you can. For the memories that take our breath away are worth treasuring.  They provide so much power and strength to draw from, in times when life’s stumbling blocks keep tripping us up.

Horses offer us their trust. In return we take care of that trust. And in so doing we are able to gloriously adventure on the backs of our equine partners, and better understand ourselves. Together we explore the land in its most true and natural form – the heart of the countryside. The clarity, and mindful thinking possible when you are secure in the saddle and embracing the nature around you – truly does take your breath away.




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