When the west wind moves …

Natures life lessons . . .


There are some evenings when a switch flicks on in my worrisome mind, and the flood gates open allowing self doubt and what if’s to implode my head space. I am hopeful I am not alone with this – but needless to say any chance at feeling calm and rational in these moments of internal negative chatter, are rather hopeless.

I have touched only softly on my worries and fears so far in my writing upon my blog pages. I share a little about this on my blog titled ‘Being Brave’ post – but as it is very poignant to my connection with animals and my Mindfulness with Horses adventures, I thought I would just jot down carefully here how much I empathise with anyone going through a mental health struggle. Because I live with one too.

I have an Anxiety Disorder – and at the start of the year, this problem in my mind became so dominant that I could no longer differentiate between an imagined disaster and a real one.  There are many parts to my Anxiety Disorder. Many factors and aspects about how my mind views and manages the big world around us. But it is the little world, a place just of my own, that has been pivotal to my feeling better, that I really wanted to record here and share upon my pages. That place is The meadow.  Where my beautiful horses live.


This special place, just for my ponies, my family, friends and I –  Is our little slice of calm and tranquility in the busy space called life around us. Time stops down at the meadow. Things blossom and bloom and grow. And you leave feeling so centered and secure having spent a few precious hours pottering amongst Horses and the greenery of the wildflowers and richly leafed trees. Natural Therapy. Nature Therapy. Equine Therapy. How soothing it is to step back from the hustle and bustle of frantic lives and busy people, to instead slow down and just ‘be’. Those fraught and irrational thoughts have no place here.


I often wonder to myself, do people experience so many mental well being struggles in this present time, because life itself has forced so many of us away from what is naturally good for us. Would our mental health be so much better if could make each day a little less stressful and a little more special?

So many people cling to the hope of ‘getting away from it all’ a couple of times a year. To recharge. Re set. Re balance. I fear that this doesn’t promote daily moments of calm and inner peace because we are constantly striving, working, rushing to achieve it at a later date.

Having horses in my life, has always been a cherished blessing. But it has also been SO good for me physically, emotionally, and mentally. Being in the countryside twice a day, every day, amongst beautiful creatures who rely on your love and care. Surrounded by bird song, grass land and flowers – I have a little world of my own which gives me a space that many people go on holiday to find.

I understand having a life with Horses and animals isn’t always a possibility for everyone. I certainly have had to make some sacrifices to keep my meadow and horses a float, but the long term benefits and positivity, beautifully outweigh those things that I ‘go without’.

Wherever you may be in your life. I hope you are able to find moments to immerse yourself in nature, in the countryside, and amongst all that is natural and bright and calming. You will leave uplifted. Refreshed. And things will make a little more sense than they did before.

Step back. Just for a while. And see. If a Horse is involved too – I can guarantee there is no therapy quite like it.


~ Nature Therapy ~ there is no place quite like it . . .

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