A few little life lessons on self love from Horses …

Kindness is the answer


‘ Admire someone’s beauty, without then questioning your own ‘


Author Unknown


When I first heard the above quote, it truly touched me and for some time made me think deeply on the matter of comparing ourselves to others, and how even on a subliminal level,  humans all do this.

There is a tremendous amount of pressure in life today. Even the strongest individuals have to work hard at pushing this competitiveness away from their existence, fighting to control this negative self judgment that we are in some way, not as good as everyone else. It can drain our self confidence, our self belief and sadly the outlook of our own lives too.

Is it innate in us to compete? or is competition born out of insecurity? I do wonder…

I believe that everyone has the right to feel beautiful in their own skin – and this beauty can so movingly be captured by observing the incredible acceptance horses show each other (and us!)

There is no mistaking that horses and ponies are exceptionally majestic and stunning creatures to behold. Race Horses capture every eye upon them with their regal aura and fine features. The Arabian horse breed has a magic and elegance. My soft spot is for ponies, Shetlands and Shires – native breeds of very different sizes, coat texture, and personalities!

Yet put this eclectic mixture of breeds together, and you will find a stirringly beautiful connection between this species.  All unique and wonderfully different and without an ounce of competition between them about how attractive they are against one another.

Hierarchy squabbles and domestic scraps over who gets dinner may first be present… but never a debate centered around whose beauty is the best.

There is no need for arguments between them. There is only interest in each other of a genuine nature. That mix of the equine world placed side by side, big, small, tall, tiny, fluffy, furry, sleek, long manes, short manes, thin tails, bushy tails – they all exist in harmony. Knowing their own sense of self worth and beauty, they own their looks proudly.  They are Horses. Different. Special.  All as precious as each other.


Naturally human beings are programmed slightly differently to our four legged horse friends!


Strangely though, on a subconscious level, we all yearn for acceptance. To feel good in our own skins. To look in the mirror and smile at what we see, and feel proud of ourselves. We want to know somewhere inside that we are indeed worthwhile and good enough. We want to trust that what we see is what we like. We do not want to question ourselves, especially when around others.

In the presence of horses, you are always good enough. You matter.  You can turn up to the stables caked in mud and in your comfy casuals and all that your beloved horse will see, is that you have arrived. To them you are beautiful.

It doesn’t matter if, like me,  you are more of Shetland pony than a racehorse – I talk of my height here dear readers!

Whats matters is that you are just you.

When you start to trust in how special you are as an individual, those positive feelings will rise, and your beauty from within will radiate. You will feel good enough. Because you truly are.

Just maybe then, you will be able to accept yourself as the horse world above would…..true self acceptance.

You’ll admire each others beautiful, unique presence and trust that you no longer need to compare yourself, because you fit perfectly into human-kind just the way you are. Without doubt. Without question. You belong.


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