A horse life lately

Goings on and horsy tales


A life with horses of your very own is far from ordinary. You experience tremendous highs, crashing lows and then before you know it you’re back up riding the roller coaster again, a little more frayed around the edges and a little more fraught with worry – yet still gloriously overwhelmed at the joy these beautiful creatures bring into your life.  Is it the soft nuzzles in the cold autumnal evenings that warm your heart? Is it the affectionate whinny in the distance that welcomes you, as you throw yourself over the meadow gate, with pockets of pony mints spilling to the ground in the process. Maybe it’s the way they look into your eyes and tell you they’re hurting and they need your help? You have to answer. You have to make it all better.


This autumn our equine adventures have involved a lot of soul searching, prayers into the starlit night, and warm snuggles into soft, fluffy coats. Illness has come to the meadow. Poorly horses cause so much heartache. But every morning as the sun comes up, or the rainfalls, and every night as you complete evening check lists around the stables, there is always those devoted equine eyes watching your every move, and you know that you wouldn’t change a single moment – because although a life with horses is not an easy one – it’s a little taste of the extra ordinary – and that is priceless . . .




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