A little moments pause

Take a moment



‘Don’t be afraid to move. Your faith is all it takes and you can walk on the water too’

Britt Nicole


In life it’s often very easy to only acknowledge the big achievements we reach. We forget sometimes to, just for a moment, look back at where we were then, and how far we’ve come now. Even if the steps were small ones, they are still worth counting, because they got us this far.

Autumn is nearing, and the changes of this beautiful season begin.

Time to pause a while and take everything in . . .

Summer this year was incredibly special for me. I have ridden with my horses so much more, captured some precious photo moments with them, and been a princess for a day amongst the wild flowers in the lovely meadow where my ponies reside! This Summer has been one of healing, friendship and family. And as they always have been, my beloved horses remain devoted and my constant source of inspiration – quietly reminding me about the value of time, happiness and letting go.

Horses move with the seasons so naturally. They sense every change and follow natures rhythm instinctively. It’s so soothing to be around this steadiness – So comforting to move with them through the stages of the changing leaves from green to gold. As the wildflowers begin to loose their poise, the ground softens, the river rises – just as it should – here is the time to pause and appreciate every little moment that brought you to this very one you’re in now.

Even if you didn’t realise you could do it – you did – you made it – every step, no matter how small – it counts.

If you happen to look around, and something inside says this isn’t right – don’t be afraid to move – don’t feel afraid to keep taking yourself forward, even if your unsure where you’re headed . . .

I am still scared most of the time – but I am where I want to be – and I am so grateful I can look back from then to now, and smile that I’ve got this far towards my dreams and true, precious happiness. . . .as always with my horses by my side.


I wonder what autumn will bring . . . Time to walk on some more. . . .

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