And then there were three again

How our herd is growing


As September announced it’s arrival last week, it felt as though autumn swiftly appeared along with it. I arrived at the meadow early one morning to find the extensive field before me beautifully covered with dewdrop spiders webs. The air was crisper and cooler than recent mornings. It was if the change that was coming that day was everywhere to be seen and felt around me, as I pulled on my welly boots and made my way through the wild flowers towards two expectant faces staring me down for breakfast!


It twas the morning of the day when my two ponies would be joined by a beautiful horse, transforming our pair bond into a proper herd of three. Two ponies, one horse. Herd life begins.

There is always an apprehension felt when introducing a new horse into your family and it’s new living arrangements. Horses are often unsettled by change. New people. New surroundings. New is scary. New is uncertain.

Yet, what struck me as this handsome grey horse stomped excitedly through our gateway – my two black beauty horses beside him encouraging him forwards – was the chatter amongst this newly established little herd that could not go unnoticed. Their gentle inquisitive looks at each other, noses touching, tails swishing, ears twitching. They were reassuring each other. And it moved me.

Imagine just how easy change could be for us all if we did that one simple thing . . .   reassure each other.

Then, no matter what change sends our way, there will always be support to manage it’s new chapters.

…. with that, we may even be able to truly enjoy what it brings.



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