Christmas is coming to the meadow

Christmas meadow magic 2016 ~


A touch of magic and a sprinkle of Christmas has arrived upon Mindfulness with Horses.

My first Christmas writing and keeping a blog. It does feel quite special.

Christmas does feel different this year. In many good ways as well as some not so good ways.

Having a three year old nephew with sparkling eyes as Christmas comes to life around the house is very precious. The excitement is always doubled when there are children to share this time of year with.

The meadow has a small holly wreath perched carefully out of reach of inquisitive pony teeth at present. I am eagerly awaiting the sight of holly to appear as it does each year, wrapped around the meadow bushes and trees. The Robin family have made themselves at home. Hopping and chirping upon the gate posts, trying to capture our attention whenever we appear with pony feed buckets.

I am freer this year for Christmas than I’ve been in a very long time. It’s a welcome feeling and I hope to savor every moment of it. The build up, I’m sure you’d agree, is the favourite part of all and I am counting down the days slowly but surely, so as to take everything in that I can.

This will be the first Christmas in eleven years that I do not have my beautiful golden pony, Bridie, awaiting her bowl of delicious treats on Christmas morning. My first Christmas without her. I didn’t know that 2016 would be the year we said farewell . . .

If you’ve ever lost someone or something special very suddenly, you’ll know all too well the heart ache that remains quietly within us, for a long time after the saying good bye happens.  I am learning it does get easier . . . but now and then you get caught out by a sudden wave of emotion that takes over. This is good really. You want to remember. You don’t want to forget how much you loved something.

Christmas is a time to remember with fond, loving memories. A time to create new memories so that your mind is so full of wonderful experiences, you simply don’t know which memory is your favourite to choose and replay over and over again.

I hope any readers that pop back and forth to my thoughts and Horsy Assisted – Therapy chatter,  have a wonderful Christmas doing at least one special thing for yourself and a loved one, that brings a lot of happiness and festive spirit. Even if it’s just letting someone know you’re thinking of them . . .

My Christmas wishes this year are simply for:

* Peace of mind

* Ride more and worry less : )

Merry Christmas and may all your stars be bright . . .

With love from Milly


the meadow ponies

@Bridie’s Meadow



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