Equine Emotions

Emotional intelligent Horses . . .


There is a strong debate amongst animal lovers, pet owners and people in general about the complexity of our animals emotional intelligence. Do they feel emotions as we humans do? Can they express these emotions? Do they have feelings or emotions at all? …. do they understand our emotions? The list goes on.

Quite honestly – if you spend time around animals and horses – I feel sure you will wholeheartedly answer YES to all of the above.

As I do!

Just because animals and horses speak their own language, it does not mean they are any less able to feel emotions.

Naturally I am fully aware that animals and horses alike are governed by strong innate instincts and training too. Yet, I am fascinated and keen on exploring their behaviour and reactions towards us,  each other and the idea that there is so much more to their capabilities than just lessons learnt and survival programming.


Our faithful friends remember everything. They will comfortably accept another humans care, but pine and yearn for their family members if separated. The joy expressed when reunited is beautiful to see. Look at dogs coming home from the vets! We are theirs. They are ours.


Many felines seem indifferent at moments. But their strong independent natures dissolve when offered the comfort of their favourite humans arms or lap to snuggle into. They choose to come to us. They seek us out. Not because they have to, but because they want to.


Ponies and horses have such incredible emotional capabilities. I am very fortunate to share a loving bond with my Horses, something I have worked at growing between us over our years shared together.  There are certain whinny’s they save just for my presence, and it is so stirring mentally to be connected to them in this particular way. I feel strongly I am more to them than just ‘The hand that feeds!’

They show me this every single day. Willingly sharing affection. Using their body language to communicate. Coming to my side just to be close.

I think that these emotional creatures, who have such a sensitivity to life, are highly in tune with our emotions because they feel so deeply themselves.

Hang on to that thought, and just wait and see how much better you will feel from sharing your time and company with a four legged friend. They understand so much, yet their responses are always very quiet. However from this outer silence their is a wealth of compassion and empathy flowing towards us. All we have to do is trust that it really is there….

‘ Open your heart. Share your mind’

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