Our Bridie’s Meadow ~

Dearest to my heart and where it all began …


It is three years since my dear friend and I rode our beautiful ponies into the gates of the meadow. The field was prickly and bare after the hay harvest, but as soon as our ponies hooves touched upon the meadow land, we all knew between us that we had finally, after years of searching, arrived home.


The beautiful meandering river sparkles in the shimmering sunlight of summer time. I am reminded that soon, the radiant green tree leaves will be softly crisping over into shades of gold and brown.

Just as the seasons change, the meadow has seen many changes throughout our three years in which we’ve fondly called it home.

My beautiful pony, Bridie, who strode so joyfully into the meadow back then, is now no longer grazing amongst her companions. I feared the day I would have to say farewell to my precious friend, but as I sit on a hay bale watching the meadow life around me, I can feel so softly everything that she was, as if somehow, someway she is still close by. She loved the meadow – and I am glad that in her final moments, as she steadily slipped away from life, she did so in the place she was happiest.

We’ve seen the introduction of our new boy, Mr Perry. The meadow has worked it’s calming wonders upon this beautiful horse of ours, who at first was so frightened by change and everything around him. Seeing him amble amongst the nettles and stalks of cows parsley by the rivers edge is such a lovely sight. We are proud to call him king of the meadow as he has rightly become.

Blossom’s experiences in the meadow went from good, to bad, to good again. But when times were tough, with the countryside’s healing qualities, my little Blossom pony won the fight against her laminitis attack. Thanks to the kindness of my dear friends and landowner, she now can safely enjoy her outdoor life with the help of a trusty non-grass pen! The simple joy that is having a place of your very own. Being able to make it yours. It’s priceless. It truly is.


Further tough times did follow, when one sad morning I arrived at the meadow to find all my belongings stolen from the little place I felt so safe. Two bemused ponies greeted me, as if trying to alert me that strangers had entered their home. For sometime I felt as though someone had robbed me of my comfort zone. The place my ponies and I felt so secure now felt uncomfortable to be in. But, so gently, the meadow restored my faith, and built it’s greenery up around us almost protecting us from prying eyes of the outside world. Safely tucked away me could breath a sigh of relief once more.


The meadow has scooped us up this year, and offered a place of tranquility and happiness, as well as a wonderful opportunity which fires our imagination wings into the air. Fairytails was born….and who knows where it may take us.

I feel as though…the more we take care of the meadow, the more it takes cares of us and the ponies.


By the weekend, four new hooves will clip clop through the gate way and enter the meadow for the first time.

Transforming our herd to a lovely three again.

I hope as this new chapter begins…that our beautiful meadow will welcome our new equine friend with open arms. I hope as autumn approaches our adventures will continue on. And I also hope my dearest old pony will somehow be looking down on our special meadow, and be very glad that after three years – we have finally been able to give it the name it so beautifully deserves.

Bridie’s meadow






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