Slow living and happy hearts …

The goal for life . . .


‘ Even the simplest pleasures and creations hold a little joy to carry into each day ‘

‘ Dwell on all that is kind and good, and all that makes your heart happy – here lies the answer

to your next step ‘


Time. Time to enjoy what truly matters is the most precious thing. This summer I hope for picnic’s by the river’s edge as it ambles past my healthy, happy munching ponies – their coats shimmering and shining in the sunlight. Family days. Moments together. Friendship. Writing. Days of calm….and this year I hope to hold on for as long as possible, to the time which allows me to wholeheartedly enjoy it without quite so much worry, guilt or fear!

Always make time as best you can …


I hope YOU get the chance to enjoy a peaceful and very happy summer …

~ With love ~

Our meadow is radiant in the summer months –  below you’ll find

the last little pieces of cow parsley that were keen for a drink and a rescue from the hot sunshine

– the ponies enjoy this soft plant as a tasty treat – I wonder if that is why it has disappeared so quickly?


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