Together is a lovely place to be

Autumn beauty


What better way to soak up the beautiful autumn colours

. . .  than on horse back

The rain was soft and mild yesterday afternoon, as my little horse and I saddled up, and ventured out into the woodland, golden leaves crunching under her hoof steps.


Other than the soft rustling under foot, and the cheery bird song echoing around us, it was just the two of us, with the countryside and woodland for company and exploring.

The woodland has a story of it’s own to tell. Once upon a time, many, many years ago – this long trail, engulfed by an avenue of trees, was once a fully operational railway line for the good old steam train. As you follow the path for miles and miles, you cannot help but feel touched by the memories of life that existed through here long, long ago. The railway bridges still stand, the old station too. These trees have seen so much over time. Now they witness walkers, riders and cyclists where tracks and steam used to be.

As my pony and I trotted through the fallen leaves, rain drops filling muddy puddles . . . calm and a sense of adventure filled us both.

There really is no better way to experience country life, than on the back of your horse. Every season awaits your visit. And every visit creates a new memory, and tells a new story.



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