We’ve arrived at Word press . . . Life updates . . .

Stepping onto a new platform – my horses at my side . . . Our Mindfulness with Horses redesign story


Dear Kind Readers,

My Mindfulness with Horses creation here, has taken a few positive steps forward. We’re here at WordPress. We have indeed moved homes.

I am still haphazardly stumbling through the world of bloggerdom designing, typing and getting things hopelessly wrong and then right again. It may take a while! But it’s happened which is the important thing and we have at least started to settle in @Bridie’s meadow, and are getting things just so . . .


This whole writing journey has been such a wonderful learning curve for me. Mainly because most of my working life to date has been outdoors using my physical self for manual tasks which comes with looking after Horses and Animals. Sitting down to my desk, a hot coffee or tea by my side, candle on, and in the comforts of my warm home is rather a special treat!


‘ Reach for the moon and even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars ‘


Even more special is taking my writing to the meadow and situating myself there for a day, my precious horses around me. The inspiration is endless. It seemed only natural to include more of the meadow – my Bridie’s Meadow – in my new blogging platform, for Mindfulness with Horses to grow and evolve from.

It does make me very happy to have a portal to delve into and write, write, write away. Even if it’s just for me to read, look back on and make sense of something.


I am still a novice in this writing world, using these pages as a modern scrapbook to record my feelings, thoughts and findings. I wasn’t really sure which platforms to launch from when I began at the start of last year ( Jan 2016)  – so now I’ve done a little exploring and am more comfortable with my self and findings – It feels like a positive step to take my online journal and spread it out more here, onto Word Press, in hopes I may extend the branches of Mindfulness with Horses into a more familiar blogging land. Maybe I’ll connect with some more lovely people as I presently do through . . .  Keep Calm and Start Writing (link to my other little online place is on the (contact tabs!) to anyone new who may like to visit?


It’s strange really, but on Mindfulness with Horses – which began on site blog – I truly developed the confidence to share more of who I am. It felt like baby steps and I was a little more tucked away from sight to take my time with things.

( I am the girl in her late twenties who has only just been brave enough to go onto Facebook and Instagram!! )

So. . . if you’re interested in following along with me and my horses on our adventures – or you have done from the very start and you’d like to stay for the ride – this is just a little update to inform you of the changes which have taken place.

 A little more of a polished look, a little more content and hopefully some nice new people to meet along the way?

I’d love you to stay with us at Bridie’s meadow, and continue on the Mindfulness with Horses journey.

This whole experience of writing has been so reassuringly healing . . . lets keep going and see where we end up.

Thank you so much.

~ With every best wish ~


( : the girl behind the blog : )

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