Lavender tails and January wishes

Looking on to the new . . .


Lavender Tails and January Wishes


A new year, a new chapter for the ponies and I at our beautiful meadow. If you arrived at the gate now, and peered over into the span of our Field, beauty may not be the first thing which comes to your mind.

Mud glorious mud reigns across our once wildflower patch – the wedding arch trees are bare and a little rough around the edges, after weathering the frost and wind storms. Yet, there is the quiet promise of spring noticeable, as the evenings hang onto their light a little longer, and the hanging branch shows greenery under his bark covered skin.

Balancing a creative life and one securely anchored to my ponies and the outdoors, has been a happy experiment which I hope to continue on this year. It’s been almost been a whole 12 months since my day to day life changed course from the path I was on, and despite the odd fear, doubt, worry, sadness along the way, I loved every moment, and started to slowly feel myself again by the time autumn showed itself in late 2016 . . .

Yet, I must find the strength to be honest with myself. Hand on heart, dear readers, I don’t think I am feeling the strongest that I could be, at the start of this New Year – at least not as much as I’d hoped I could say I was.


  I am reminding myself of our beautiful summer at the meadow at present. The ponies had lavender in their tails, everything felt calm and I felt like I safely had the reins – I’ll get that back again I’m sure – that is my one special wish for this January of 2017.


With love

May your first chapter of the New year be filled with Hope and Promise too!


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