The healing of horses


Two days away from my beautiful herd and I was all out of sorts.

But a sunlit morning spent in their company, pottering, talking away to them, caring for them and tackling the field jobs – and peace is perfectly restored.

Sometimes the best medicine is being amongst what is closest to our hearts . . .

Pressures outside of us can so easily filter to inside of us at times –

our own voice is hard to hear and we can feel a little lost, unsure of ourselves even.

Yet, being in my horses quiet company un muddles my mind in a far greater way than I’ve experienced from any other avenue   . . .

The more sensitive you are to them – the more sensitivity they display to you.

And so, no matter what human worry may be troubling my mind, my beautiful horses always bring me back down to earth – reminding me what matters, what doesn’t need my energy, and mostly importantly what does . . .

They are forever teaching me Mindfulness – especially in my lost moments, when I really need it.

It may sound a little far fetched and unbelievable – but when you share a bond with your beloved horses,

– I’m learning nothing is impossible . . .


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