Trust in who you are ~

Belief in the good . . .


It seems, the more time I spend with my ponies, the more I am restored and centered in my mind, and life’s little worries begin to slip away . . .

January began with confusion and fear. I was looking beyond myself and what is dear to me for the answers, when they’ve been with me, and part of me all along, if only I had trusted that.

Welly boots caked in mud, a rain coat down to my ankles and hair scruffy under my woolly hat – I’ve trundled about the meadow, caring for the herd in the depths of winter, ice biting at fingers and cold breezes spraying skin – yet, despite the picture of a disheveled young women, my mind has blown away the cob webs of self doubt (just) and calm is returning.

And it’s all down to Trust.

My beautiful ponies place their trust in me. The trust that I will be there without fail each day to tend to their needs. They trust each other ‘If you say it’s dangerous….then it’s dangerous, lets run!’

They trust that despite the bare patches of meadow this time of year, spring will come again. They trust in their hierarchy to shelter, head to tail in the deepest, darkest storms … They have to trust. And they do.

I’ve started to listen to this message, and believe in it, and act upon it.

I am trying to trust that it’s okay to do what is right for myself, even if it’s different to everyone else. I am trying to trust that I can surrender control more, and that friendship and helping hands will always be there when needed – It’s okay to share the reins sometimes.

I am trusting in the good. In the loving words of those who care. And I am choosing to believe them, rather than believe the inner workings of doubt and insecurity.

As always, my beloved horses lead the way with a a gentle reminder that it’s really okay – When life is good – Do not fear it going wrong again … do the simplest of things . . .



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