Five things . . .

It’s okay to do things differently


 ‘ It’s okay to listen to that kind and quiet voice within, that so often gets drowned out by the louder sounds of pressure, and expectation and ‘how others do things.’ Others are doing a wonderful job, but then again so are you. . . ‘


With horses, you have to listen to that stillness that connects you directly to their mind. . . You have to tune into every ear twitch, tail swish and distant gaze. Their language transforms you and their sensitivity is moving.

It is for this reason that I love my horses, and weeks can go by where we do very little riding at all . . . we just simply be, in each others company. There is nothing quite as special as when your horse chooses to be with you because they want to, not because they have to.

For years I wondered what kind of equestrian women I was? I love to ride with my horses … but mostly, I just adore being with them. Interacting daily with them, talking to them, caring for them.

I thought possibly  I was preventing myself from the gift which is a ride on a horse? Was I somehow not letting myself simply have fun and enjoy riding adventures . . . and if so, why?

Thoughts, worries, riding book after riding book ….

Then I began to explore the horsy world in greater depth, going that little bit deeper . . .  and to my delight – many share and feel as I do!

For them it’s not all about the riding either – it’s about a precious bond like no other –  the bond of devotion which exists strongly between a girl and her horse . . .

Here are five little things that make having horses so special –

* A beautiful big creature, which is instinctively a flight animal, putting it’s trust in you.

* The soft nuzzles and affection …  just because.

*Being at one with nature, experiencing every season as you take care of them through out the year.

* A greater understanding of your strengths, as your horse needs a kind leader.

* An unshakable, healing bond.

So, I’ll carry on as I am – pottering and being amongst my treasured herd – if we ride, we ride – but if not – I know just being together means as much to them as it does to me – I’ve had the pony nuzzle ‘seal of approval’ to prove it ; )



I hope you can believe in your own courage and do what is right for you?

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