Listening out for hope ~


Yesterday evening, as the darkness drew in for the night, I was instantly and so surprisingly struck by such a beautiful sound coming from the garden, directly in through my bedroom window . . . a chorus of birds singing the prettiest of tunes as the sunset. They carried on and on, until the garden was lost into the black of the half past six evening. I have never heard them sing for so long before?

Tending to the meadow and the ponies every day, twice a day, I have naturally become very in touch with the seasons and how the subtle changes of nature take hold. It’s such a gift to have the chance to notice the tiny happenings of the country side. I wonder if those beautiful little song birds were holding their tune for longer because spring is growing closer for them. . . If I feel it. They certainly do.

The ponies are showing signs of shedding their ever such fluffy coats. I groom them each day to find more and more hair coming off in the brush. Yet, it is only February. Spring I feel wants to arrive early this year . . . It seems even the birds are encouraging it’s arrival.

I spent time in the meadow yesterday with my precious herd. Tidying scruffy manes and removing crumbling clumps of mud from their tails. We didn’t ride together, we just enjoyed each others company. It was so peaceful.

Some days my courage to leave the meadow and venture outside its gate, isn’t quite as strong as maybe it ought to be. So I seek calm and reassurance from it’s safe confines, and I happily potter amongst my herd, sorting the field jobs and stable chores.

On other days, the thrill of a one to one adventure with my little pony takes over – and we embrace the countryside with all we have to offer. The grassy trails implore us to get up some speed, and we canter along, the breeze flowing right through us both, taking away any fears and doubts, feeling those worries disappear into the clouds.

For years and years, I had my two ponies. My bond. My team . . . now my little one has taken both reins and we canter on together in memory of when our beautiful companion took on the trails beside us. We may take them on alone, but how amazing it is, that when we canter on through those open fields, my old golden pony is some how, some way, sharing in the moment with us – We both feel her adoring gaze. I am sure of it. And when we get that feeling of her closeness, those glorious songbirds sing louder and more clearly than ever . . .

I am going to keep listening out for their song, where ever I may be during the day . . .


River side adventures with our beautiful big girl . . .




Slow winter days of sunlight upon coats and peaceful slumber


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