Emotional freedom

Vulnerability ~ Acceptance, love and letting go . . .


Vulnerability ~ something about this word sends a feeling of fragility across each of us, doesn’t it?

To be open, to be honest, to share your heartfelt feelings and the inner workings of our complex thoughts, worries, doubts and fears . . . it’s not easy.

Am I sharing too much too soon, not enough . . . being vulnerable invokes so many insecurities within us, causing us to smile and put a brave face on in hopes no one will notice the little pieces of ourselves crumbling. Yet, in pretending we are okay when we’re truly not, we are not accepting how we feel, and this causes those unsettling emotions to remain stuck – we cannot be free if we’re stuck in a place of fragility. We cannot love, let go and see what is good if we’re continually afraid.

It is the same for horses. They too can become stuck. Their beautiful sensitivity can react to the slightest change, they can feel frightened and unsure – and then . . . suddenly . . . their carer/handler /rider/ will react to this – with kindness and acceptance, and the gentle assistance of taking the lead, a horse will grow in confidence – in courage and self belief – but, short sharp leadership, anger and displeasure will result in an un trusting, insecure creature. In that moment connection is lost. Fear grows stronger. Pain remains stuck.

We all respond to empathy and kindness far greater than sharpness and indifference. No one likes to feel crushed emotionally or misunderstood. Yet, we take a risk with people and a gamble at our vulnerability growing, if others react to our fragility with coldness. Still, we have to be vulnerable. We have to show who we are, bit by bit, to really feel free and to find others who make us feel warm and accepted despite our sea of fears.

Last year was the beginning of me opening up more to those lovely souls around me. Sharing a little about my worries and anxious struggles which govern a large percentage of my mind and life. It leaves you feeling uncomfortable, but the right people soon erase that feeling, and you are met with love, compassion and acceptance.

This is the key, being vulnerable to the right people will feel like a weight lifted. Emotionally you’ll be freer and safer than you’ve ever felt before.

The right people soften the self doubt, and accept the worry days. They empathise and care so you never feel alone. What a welcoming feeling that is.

With my horses, I try to adopt a strong sensitivity to their feelings. They’re always so careful with my emotions, it is naturally only fitting that I do my best to take care of theirs.

After all, they are my horses, and I am there person. We’re friends on the same side. And together we want to feel emotionally free to be ourselves, making sense of our worries as partners through the grey and sunnier days.

I recently shared a little more about my worries to a friend . . . I was met with caring support and kindness. What a good guide that can be as to who truly matters in your life?

If we can all find that – then maybe we will all be on our way to feeling emotionally free. Our beloved animals and horses too . . .



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