Hoof prints on my heart

Thoughts on spring and happiness . . .


March has swept us along into cold rainfall, blustery evenings and the odd sparkle of sunshine in between the clouds. Bursts of yellow have emerged upon the meadow banks, and those radiant buds of the friendly daffodil offer an encouraging sign that soon the storms shall pass.

My beautiful herd and I however, do not feel stormy ourselves.  Despite the pre Spring weather conditions that we battle against each day in the meadow, we feel remarkably settled and calm and in perfect honesty, hopeful and happy.

When happiness fills you up inside and out,  you realise just how long it’s been since that warm and nurturing feeling has enveloped you. And how truly precious it is that you feel it now. I intend to hang on to it as if it were a treasured gift given to me on my birthday

(I turned ’27’  in late February! )

With soft eyes and gently pricked ears, my ponies are feeling the joy of everything too just now. The season is shifting once more and they sense it coming. Spring is waking up all the life which has been hibernating in the meadow for the long Winter months.

Our resident ducks have returned and can be found waddling across the paddocks before sailing off down the river. The pheasants are plentiful. A beautiful assortment of wildlife can be spotted during the hours of dusk and dawn, carefully setting up homes in each corner of the field.

It’s a sight so good for the heart!

I just know that my special herd are stirring for the delights of the new season to come. Despite any showers that may still fall, together we’re embracing this year, and striving to make every part of it special in every way possible.

We’re in the right place and on the right track  . . .

If for any reason we become a little muddled along the way, then I am sketching the moments of these happy days upon my mind. That way, I’ll  know we can always return and rekindle the simple joy that is having a happy heart . . . mine just so happens to be edged with hoof prints too.



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