Be still, heart

Taking a moment . . .

~ Our meadow ponies ~


I see a photograph of my beautiful herd of ponies and in an instant, all is right in the world and with myself. Their affectionate gaze as I potter around them taking pictures, followed by their obligingly alert ears, listening intently to what I have to say. There is peace felt that is unlike any other. Horses are wonderful creatures. I am thankful each and everyday that I am able to share my life with them.

I read something truly stirring just recently. I stumbled on it quite by chance. It read something like this ‘ Horses can sense your heartbeat up to 4ft away ‘  . . .

I’ve always known that horses possess a deep sensitivity. It is one of the reasons why they are such beautiful creatures in my eyes – but to grasp a deeper insight into the true essence of their powerful intuition and senses, it is wholeheartedly inspiring to me.

Horses teach you when to be calm. When to be strong. When to be soft. When to be confident. When to be brave. And they also quietly communicate when to be still . . .

In a world where a lot of frightening things happen at the speed of light, I think being still is an essential way in which we can all gain composure, courage to stand together and the bravery to carry on despite the chaos that surrounds us.

If we listen to the soft silence in which for a moment all is well, we can gather ourselves, take heart and trust that there are good things all around, subtle signs of magic under the surface, and an energy that exists beside our own. It’s gently there, waiting to restore us whenever things become a little hard to understand or difficult to bear.

Horses know not of the fears our world can bring, but they know the affect it has on us. They hear it and sense it. Yet, if you’re willing to believe, then you’ll find these sensitive creatures know how to heal and make those feelings inside us feel better when the outside world shakes our core.

Embrace those few precious moments of stillness if you can. Hold on to them.

Have courage and then steadily carry on.

With my horses beside me, I am hoping to do just that . . .


2 thoughts on “Be still, heart

    1. Thank you ever so much. I agree, it’s not an easy thing to achieve but when we do get there, it can help us feel a little calmer than before. Thanks so very much. Xxx


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