Silver linings

Calm and kindness amongst nature . . .


Something about the birdsong in the meadow, when the traffic has steadied, the tractors have finished their roaring past and the faint sound of their busy work can only be noticed from a distance . . . something then, about that beautiful bird song is so calming, so humbling and so very therapeutic, it’s as if they they’re singing just for you and you’re the only one that can hear it.

Soft ripples and sparkling waves


Do you ever have those moments where things get a little bit overwhelming? You’re not really sure why? But the feelings build and build until you’re not quite sure what to do with yourself! I experienced a moment just like this recently. It’s a regular occurrence as an individual who sees the world through worried eyes. But, in the midst of my angst something remarkable happened. I was alerted to a tiny sound upon the ground, and there, quietly in his own state of worry, was a tiny, precious lost duckling who had wandered too far from his mother.

I know the meadow inside out. Each corner of the bank which drops down to the river is where the ducks nestle and start their families. This tiny, lost little creature needed some help, so, I very gently scooped him up in my hands, carefully carried him to the river bank where just as hoped, mother duck was waiting and quacking with her two other children! Her voice calmed at the sight of her infant and I placed him down beside her. Happily the four of them hobbled back into the river and swam over the ripples and floated down stream rekindled once more. What a beautiful sight on an anxious morning. A silver lining and a gentle reminder that kindness is a healer to each other and to ourselves . . .

The magical meadow river



Crystal clear paddling




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