Doing what you love

A few words on taking back your dreams . . .


We all have a quiet dream that sometimes gets tucked away for while.

Maybe confidence prevents us from believing we could make it happen. Maybe it’s fear that we’re not capable enough. Maybe we are simply afraid to have a go, or even just unsure of how to make it come to light. Do we have the skills. The tools. Do we deserve to really give our dreams our full energy and devotion . . .

Staying a float and supporting ourselves can all too often take over when we venture out into the world. I’ve always seen truth in the succinct quote ‘ If you don’t build your own dreams, someone else will hire you to hep build theirs ‘ This happens so easily and before long we can be walking a path that we’re not entirely sure is right for us. . . . .

Helping others build their dreams is a wonderful thing of course, we all need support and team work. But it is only worthwhile if you’re happy to do it. If you’re working for others because you want to and are freely giving yourself to their cause.

If we are happy to put our dreams to one side, or even change our minds and focus on a new dream, then that’s wonderful . . . but if we feel like we’re losing our sparkle, losing that passion to do what we love, and feeling sad at letting that dream slip away, then we simply must address it and take action.

Horses have always been my safe place. My happy place. My home outside of home. I’ve always planned to have them closely linked into my leisure and working life. I remain grateful each day that they’re part of my little world.

Confidence can leave you fearful of pursuing what you love . . . worrying about what others think can also plummet your courage but, when a loved one gives you a pat on the back and says ‘ go and do it ‘ all manner of doubt fades steadily away . . .

My words and musings on horses and mindfulness have not flowed as regularly as I had hoped in recent months. But, a new dream of mine is busying itself and preparing to come to life, so my blog has kindly taken a quiet step back until it’s pages can regularly be filled again – and they will – because my new dream is actually, wonderfully bringing itself into the meadow and into my day to day time with my ponies as I type. Mindfulness with Horses is well and truly coming to fully fledged life  . . . I’m living what I write as well as writing what I live.

When what you love comes back to you, you have to trust it . . .  right?











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