A simple moment to reflect

When I think back to a couple of years ago, an overpowering realisation hits me and often reduces me to feel rather tearful. I felt trapped and so very unhappy back then because I was walking the wrong path.

Like a friend warmly waving in the distance, my ponies have always been there and they’ve taught me in numerous ways, throughout our ten year journey together that my path is with them. It always has been. My confidence, my personality, my courage has all blossomed because of them. Which is why I’ve been inspired to share this wonderful experience with children. .  . with Meadow Ponies, my new venture! My hope is to help children learn and grow with the gentle assistance of my incredibly special herd of ponies in our beloved Bridie’s Meadow.

I know how it feels to be shy and fearful of the big wide world. Putting yourself first seems painful and breaking free to do what you love feels frightening, because there’s always someone who frowns and shakes their head, because you’re no longer serving them.


If I can help little ones see their worth and share what ponies have brought to me, then what a special thing that would be . . . there’s still the child in all of us who longs to be heard and cherished for simply being themselves.

How fortunate that ponies never judge . . . they just listen. There is such a lot of power in that, a strong healing power, and I truly cannot wait to share it  . . .

meadow ponies

‘ They give us wings so we may fly, to ride a horse is to ride the sky’ .  .  .

~ Author unknown ~






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