Shy and strong

Finding wonder in everyday . . .



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The trees are howling out in the meadow. The breeze is calling too. Yet, there is life stirring beneath the cold, brisk winter surrounding us. Life that is not bitter, fierce or icy to the skin. Life that is instead soft, shy, pretty, delicate and best of all, hopeful.

It might only be January, but already spring is doing it’s best to share it’s tiny budding jewels of green with the earth. The braches are no longer entirely bare. There are now little shoots and tightly knitted buds decorating the bark.

Most beautifully of all, the flower which has won the title of my favourite has appeared. The snowdrop.

How was it gone one moment and then there the next? Nature has it’s magic. Beneath the surface everything is beginning to stir from it’s slumber, and whilst it’s early attempts to rise, so easily go unnoticed by many of us at this wintry stage, it is indeed happening. We are slowly moving towards spring.

There will be rain to come. Frost dusted across the grass. More rain. And still those howling winds, but the shy snowdrop bows it’s gentle head despite this. She weathers the stormy winter mornings to bring us hope. To bring us a little smile. And to let us know, warmth, light and bright days are not that far away.

When the Meadow Ponies  children come to visit my Bridie’s Meadow for their country adventures and riding lessons, a special book sits on my desk awaiting eager eyes and hands to flick through it’s pages. When warming up with a chocolate biscuit in chilly fingers, we sit and scroll through the pages and are greeted by the wonderful sight of the Flower Fairies nestled within their own unique seasonal flower.

Sometimes we go fairy finding, and hope to catch sight of their beautiful wings and delicate smiles as we scan the pasture for signs of floral life. This kinship to the Earth and it’s gentle power of moving us through the year, is more beautifully noticed when you take a moment to see every little detail as it begins to flourish. Children innately spot this wonder in the world. I feel it is something we should hold on to as we grow up. We must try not to lose it if we can.

For in spotting the first snowy white petals of the snow drop, and in scanning the trees for signs of spring sprouting through, we can be reminded that, little by little, the Earth  holds us closely within it’s gentle grasp and carries us safely through the seasons of our lives as best it can . . .


Nature therapy & Animal Assisted Therapy can help you look at the world with a wonder often forgotten in adulthood, but it’s so simple to rekindle it once more – I share a little of my studies with this just here . . .

Animal Therapy Sessions  &  A Life in nature



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