Feeling the fear

Adventures are even for those who are afraid.



Light is always above & always shines down
Finding those that understand
Little steps alongside fear

Adventure can be scary, can’t it?

One moment you’re buzzing with excitement and then, the buzzing transforms to butterflies . . . And suddenly anxiety takes the stage and the dimming embers of that buzz are replaced by doubt, fear and a questioning of ones self!

Adventure doesn’t feel quite so gripping in those moments!

But, when do we push through it? When do we say ‘I am scared but going forth anyway’ . . .

There are times when are playing safe is the bravest course of action. . . And there are times when we mustn’t be afraid to step off the shoreline and into greater depths.  .  . Even if we start at the shallow end.

A horses sensitivity is so beautifully intense, that they can hear our changing heart rhythm when fear grabs hold. They hear our butterflies fluttering. They aborb every nervous breath. They are so finely tuned to every living creation around them, that the slightst change, no matter how small, will instantly ignite their curiosity. They know when to go fourth and explore. They know when to stay back and wait a while. They know because they feel everything.

Just imagine if like them, we said out loud ‘ I am really so scared. But I’m giving this adventure before me a try anyway. Will you accompany me?’

What if, like them, we own our fear. Use it. Acknowledge it. Respect what it’s presence is for. . .what if we shared it more often? What if we trusted it? What if we were more honest about it?

And most importantly. . . What if, as horses do – united in their herd – we support each other when feeling it ourselves. Proclaiming how much our butterflies are fluttering just now. . . In the comfort that were not alone with our deepest anxieties.

When you find you can’t see through the tears of imploding doubt.     . . . The right help should gently scoop you up to feel safe once more. No matter how strong the wings of the butterflies are. That support will find a way.

The right friends always will too. . . And sometimes they come into your life when you least expect it . . .

As I’m learning and as I potter along in my adult years, a little honest vulnerability and feeling the fear – makes the adventure even sweeter, when you get there in your own good time.  There is never a rush when we’re afraid.

Trust that even if it shows on your face, feeling the fear is okay. The right souls understand.

Just like our horses do, your own true ‘intentional’ herd – friends will always surround you, warmly whispering –

‘ I’m scared too. So let’ do this together! ‘

Keep a look out for those that admire you, your adventures and your brave heart despite your whole mind and body feeling afraid.

Horses connect so deeply to each other when frightened. That is something we can all carry closely I feel. Because truthfully, it is something that entwines us all. Our place of common ground. Sometimes we all sinply, feel the fear.

Comfort in closeness with our fears

There is strength in not always being okay . . . For there is discovery in ones courage.



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