Harmony of Horses Series – Starting out on your own

Unearthing your courage



I used to think that work meant I had to be physically exhausted at the end of the day. I’d put my whole energy and mind set into getting everything done, and if I was completely washed out by the end of the day, I’d accomplished enough. It is rather sad to think like that, I’m sure you’d agree. However, I’ve since discovered amongst fellow people pleasers that I am not alone with this. The heartfelt truth is, behaving this way results only in one unhappy reality – we break. Sooner or later. We simply have to stop.

 ‘ Stop glorifying busy. Instead trust your own unique pace for life. When you believe in what you’re doing, the need for approval will disappear. You’ll know you’ve made it. You’re home.  ‘

Author unknown

In all honesty, I knew that my preferred way of doing things was ‘steady does it.’ Taking a moment to complete tasks rather than hurriedly bounce on to the next one, was much more me . . . I’d simply forgotten that my own way was just as good. Operate in a way your mind understands – instead of working against it . . . and you’ll soon discover freedom.

In stepping back off the hamster wheel and designing a life I love once more –  one that runs to my own time table and way of doings things – I’ve since unearthed a courage I didn’t realise was there.

A courage to trust creative ideas and bring them to life. A belief in connecting with like minded people even when it scared me. A trust that enjoying what I am doing at my own pace, is equally worthwhile and of value . . . and best of all, that a dream is worth chasing down.

We do not need to be slaves to the ‘normal’ way of living life. We have to support ourselves without question. But, when all is said and done, a heavy heart with regret and sadness at not giving ourselves a chance, will surely stay a while and remove the silver lining that keeps us ever hopeful.

Be busy doing what makes you light up. Be busy with tasks that empower, inspire and lift you. Be busy for you. Not to escape, pretend, hide or cover up true feelings – be busy designing the life you love. It’s not always the smoothest sea to sail, but the important part is, you’ll be sailing yourself, with no one telling you which direction you must aim for  . . . use what you have, enlist your strengths as supporters. . . Now try your first step and begin . . .

It’s amazing what comes from sitting on a fallen tree trunk and watching horses at peace, side by side. The reflections. The awareness and the realisations are beautifully endless. And they make you realise in the kindest way, that listening to your own song above all else, is the greatest calling to starting out on your own . . .

Horses solve a lot of our internal chatter questions, our worries and our doubts – and they do so by mirroring to us how to be. Most of all, how to listen to ourselves, as authentically as possible.  Stop the busy and begin the intentional. The courage you seek will reveal itself . . .

This is why I am creating my new Harmony of Horses Series. . .

Their wisdom is too profound not to share. More and more professionals are recognising this poignant connection between human and equine . . . particularly in Mental Health Sectors. There is an understanding like no other, that comes from being around horses. Maybe, because in a fast changing world, this beautiful creature has remained the same through the ages . . . Loyal. Stoic but best all of all, peaceful in a way we all strive to seek for ourselves.

They set me upon my path when I’d forgotten the way. They won’t forget you.



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