Milly of the Meadow

Hello there,

‘I hope you enjoy delving into my creative world of horses, healing and finding happiness in the midst of the beautiful English country side – all of which you’ll find here at Bridie’s meadow. As a country girl with a love of writing, I record small adventures, inspirational bits and bobs, alongside emotional – well being topics  ~ all of which are close to my heart. Readers always warmly welcomed! As I type, I hope to share my fascination and experiences with Animal Assisted Therapy and the enchanting venture that is our Fairytails Equine Photography and Meadow Ponies Riding lessons . . . All information you’ll find scattered about on the menu!’

My lovely horses will often appear for a little curious nose about!! You may even catch a glimpse of a shy little farm cat . . .

Alongside my writing and taking care of the ponies and animals, I am also the Meadow Ponies Animal Assisted Therapy Activities Instructor(AATA) – I am still a student teacher at present, but I love every moment of learning what it’s bringing my way!

I’d dearly love to have you follow along and if anything I write is of any help in some small way, that will mean so much . . .

With love and my best wishes,


(but now we’re friends, please do call me . . . Milly)


Bridie’s Meadow

Me and my girl

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