Meet The Pony Team





The Meadow Ponies are beautifully trained, safe and gentle, ideal for little ones taking their first seat in the saddle . . .

They are fully insured and regularly take part in their own ‘Professional Development’ training alongside Milly, to ensure they are all working together as a close knit Meadow Team.

The Meadow Ponies enjoy ‘respite’ days and ‘recharge time’ in between and after every session they take part in. This is to ensure they remain healthy, happy and enthusiastic in their lessons and strike a good balance in return for all that they give to their little riders.

We follow the motto of . . .

‘ Look after your pony, and they will look after you’

If you’ll still and quiet enough, you may catch sight of our new Meadow member . . . He has whiskers and a long black and white tail : )







~ Memory wall ~

~ Forever in our hearts ~ Bridie