Mindfulness with Horses Journal ~ EFL


Mindfulness with Horses is my small project – A written journey of healing and taking care of my emotional well being – all with a little help from horses  .  .  .

This study and practise is more fondly and successfully known as Animal Assisted Therapy.

My Dear Blog entries share my adventures and discoveries, thoughts and life lessons, as I set about bringing the teachings of Animal Assisted Therapy into my day to day life.

Mindfulness, with my horses at my side, and hopefully yours too. . .

I’d love you to read along . . .

Dear Blog

I have recently begun a series called Harmony with Horses . . . if you are fascinated in the Equine Facilitated Learning practises, as well as Equine Facilitated Mental Health, this may be a good place to begin . . .


A pony is a childhood dream ~ A horse is an adult treasure ‘

It has been through my studies of Animal Assisted Therapy, that I have been encouraged to begin Meadow Ponies ~ using all the wonderful lessons I’ve learnt and applying them to the little students who join me for pony lessons, in our beautiful Bridie’s Meadow.

Ponies give even the quietest of children, the confidence to try their wings and find their voice . . . I use to be one of them, which is why this venture is so close to my heart.

Here I share more of my own personal life in nature . . . which inspires my studies and teaching . . simply click!