Dear Blog

Confidence and kindness

Unexpected encouragment, just when needed . . .


Whenever I feel like I’m a fish out of water, or walking slower behind everyone else. . . Something encouraging happens. Without expectation I open up the pages to my online bubble amidst my dreams, thoughts, feelings and snippets of country life and there, smiling back at me, is a comment. A lovely comment just waiting to be read and filling me up with reasurrace and connection to those who perhaps also walk at the same pace as me, and who do also sometimes feel like a fish out of water . . .

I dearly love to write. I write each day be it with a pen or keyboard or touch phone screen, it is a little some thing just for me to do. I can share who I am, how I think, what I love and then before long a blog post has sprung to life. I’ve caught that idea floating around in my mind and given it breathing space out in the open.

The same happens in my life outside of my blog and website. A few doubts niggle away in my mind, desperately trying to set up home in my uncertain thoughts and then, ping! I receive a lovely message for my little business venture; someone new who would like to join my ponies and I, in leanring to ride and grow with the help of my Meadow Ponies.

I never dreamed it could all come to life so beautifully as it has. It just seems that sometimes my mind forgets that it no longer has to feel afraid and insecure, like it did before my courage was restored and in tact. Like it did when my dream was only that . . . a dream, a lovely idea that had not come to life yet.

Courage isn’t the absence of fear, I am learning that this is oh so true – but despite the worries and overriding doubts, it seems there is always a little encouraging treasure that pops up to reasurrce me. I am indeed getting it right. I am doing it. I’ve found my place. I am creating a life I love – I just have to remember that the seed of doubt is just that little word with a lot of power, confidence. I’m going to do my best to plant the seeds of belief that keep kindly being sent my way, in these trembling moments. I feel they’re a gift. And I love unexpected, thoughtful gestures of kindness, don’t you?


‘ Where there is goodness, there is magic ‘

Cinderella Quote – 2015

Thank you to those who do bestow even the tiniest of kindnessses. It means more than my words could ever express . . .

A Beatrix Potter soul

My life in nature



Blurry with the dash of rainfall upon the lens, I take a peek through my camera’s eye, and am warmed by the view of a life etched with animals and country side. Sketches with precious quotes, scribbles upon notebooks, followed by tatty pieces of paper filled with words that have come to mean so much.

A life where I am greeted by horses, followed by cats, curiously watched by wildlife who tentatively show me into their world, all within the confines of a wildflower meadow. Nooks to hide in, trees to rest under and a stream to wander through whenever the feeling takes you.

A life where I live in welly boots and old jeans, riding boots and a well worn jumper or two. This is a life pressed gently into the earth as if it’s a part of you.

Pen and diary are never far away, hay falls from pockets along with pony treats, and hair is permanently windswept. This is a life I am sure Beatrix Potter  would have thoroughly empathised with and wholeheartedly understood.

As the seasons change before us, I thought I would record it’s little special details here, so as to always appreciate what home feels like. To remember each day what it’s like to hold onto a life you’ve dreamt of calling your own for so long.

A life where every corner of it has been designed in the way you love.

Designing a life you love has to matter to you and no one else. Old fashioned girls in this modern world, you can colour your place in too . . . start slowly and you’ll get there and then one day, you’ll look through the lens, love what you see and feel, and simply click capture.

I am able to do just that now . . . and if I can, you can too.

It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all ~ Beatrix Potter






Life with a stable cat

A mindful companion





Before I discovered the joy of ponies as a little girl, cats always had my heart!

I think they’re quiet energy is what captured me. They’re sensitive creatures with finely tuned reactions and so observant. Mindful of every subtle change in their surroundings, cats can be a wonderful guide of how to truly be in the moment!

They notice everything . . .

As I have grown and years have gone by, I’ve learnt that I too possess that same awareness of the world and people.

Although I have not mastered the ability to truly be in a state of complete mindful escapism, perhaps having my new faithful friend around will help me a little to adopt that full relaxation of the mind. I already feel a peace sweep over me as I sit in the stable, coffee in hands, pony munchings and bird song surrounding me, and now, a trusting and deeply loved little puss cat, with four soft white paws placed upon my welly boots.

Oreo, The Bridie’s Meadow stable cat. My new writing companion whose filled the little space left in my animal loving  heart . . .

















~ Animal Therapy ~

Emotional well being and why the best therapists have fur and four legs . . .

My Four legged Therapist!

The words Anxiety and Depression have become very well known in recent years, particularly amongst young people who have grown up beside the brave souls sharing their mental health experiences, breaking down stigmas and raising awareness.

Mental health no longer sits completely on the shelf, with hardly any acknowledgment that it’s very real and very much there. Nowadays, more and more people are taking notice of it, and best all of, understanding it and making it better.

Whether you’re struggling yourself or you know someone who is, no doubt you are better acquainted with the debilitating effects of fragile emotional/mental well being.

Everyone’s story is different. But everyone’s story equally matters. . .

My own encounters with vulnerability in my mind began as a child, and transformed as I grew into a rather severe form of OCD. I manage day to day and am seeking support for managing my symptoms but despite the heavy weight that it causes upon my day to day activities, the one nurturing and encouraging strength has always been, my country life and my beloved ponies.

It is from this that I’ve come to realise how animals truly do facilitate positive mental health and it is why I’ve become so passionate about learning, studying and applying Animal Assisted Therapy in my own life.

‘Work within your strengths and natural loves’  I was encouraged!

Animals and horses do not judge, ask questions or apply any kind of pressure in our fragile moments. They simply give us their devotion, their trust, and a place to belong. To anyone feeling the disorientation of a Mental illness, that loyalty is overwhelmingly healing and a welcome relief.

It’s as though the broken pieces within us are fitted back together with an animal present in our lives. I often wonder, are they angels in disguise!?!

Their needs and feelings are akin to our own, maybe that is why we treat them in such a humanised way at times. There is a mutual understanding there. A comfort which is often hard to find when our mental health strips away self compassion.

I am hoping with each new day, that I can continue to learn all the little pearls of wisdom that Animal Therapy can bring. One day I hope to be fully trained to assist anyone in need of a four legged therapist. If not that, then maybe just a friend. The sort that puts their head beside you and with one affection gaze says . . .

‘ everything will be okay. I am here’ 


Milly and Bloss xx
Bloss and I – A.A.T training!














Having courage

Courage can come when you give yourself a chance

Would you like to follow my adventures on instagram . . . My homepage now shares my instagram special moments and Meadow Ponies venture, Facebook page.

Writing in a little online journal of my very own has been a wonderful creative outlet. But I never imagined it would also be so confidence building. . .

To share the snippets of my thoughts, discoveries and pony adventures has given me a courage and bravery I never knew I could have in my life . . .

And now, I’m in a place to work closely with those dreams I kept safely tucked away, and make them my reality.

Whoever reads, stops by, has a quick look at anything I may post or share, truly, thank you!

If I can get there all in good time, I know you can too!


Have courage, be kind and say yes to new adventures. You’ll know when the time is right to give yourself a chance . . .



A simple moment to reflect

When I think back to a couple of years ago, an overpowering realisation hits me and often reduces me to feel rather tearful. I felt trapped and so very unhappy back then because I was walking the wrong path.

Like a friend warmly waving in the distance, my ponies have always been there and they’ve taught me in numerous ways, throughout our ten year journey together that my path is with them. It always has been. My confidence, my personality, my courage has all blossomed because of them. Which is why I’ve been inspired to share this wonderful experience with children. .  . with Meadow Ponies, my new venture! My hope is to help children learn and grow with the gentle assistance of my incredibly special herd of ponies in our beloved Bridie’s Meadow.

I know how it feels to be shy and fearful of the big wide world. Putting yourself first seems painful and breaking free to do what you love feels frightening, because there’s always someone who frowns and shakes their head, because you’re no longer serving them.


If I can help little ones see their worth and share what ponies have brought to me, then what a special thing that would be . . . there’s still the child in all of us who longs to be heard and cherished for simply being themselves.

How fortunate that ponies never judge . . . they just listen. There is such a lot of power in that, a strong healing power, and I truly cannot wait to share it  . . .

meadow ponies

‘ They give us wings so we may fly, to ride a horse is to ride the sky’ .  .  .

~ Author unknown ~





Doing what you love

A few words on taking back your dreams . . .

We all have a quiet dream that sometimes gets tucked away for while.

Maybe confidence prevents us from believing we could make it happen. Maybe it’s fear that we’re not capable enough. Maybe we are simply afraid to have a go, or even just unsure of how to make it come to light. Do we have the skills. The tools. Do we deserve to really give our dreams our full energy and devotion . . .

Staying a float and supporting ourselves can all too often take over when we venture out into the world. I’ve always seen truth in the succinct quote ‘ If you don’t build your own dreams, someone else will hire you to hep build theirs ‘ This happens so easily and before long we can be walking a path that we’re not entirely sure is right for us. . . . .

Helping others build their dreams is a wonderful thing of course, we all need support and team work. But it is only worthwhile if you’re happy to do it. If you’re working for others because you want to and are freely giving yourself to their cause.

If we are happy to put our dreams to one side, or even change our minds and focus on a new dream, then that’s wonderful . . . but if we feel like we’re losing our sparkle, losing that passion to do what we love, and feeling sad at letting that dream slip away, then we simply must address it and take action.

Horses have always been my safe place. My happy place. My home outside of home. I’ve always planned to have them closely linked into my leisure and working life. I remain grateful each day that they’re part of my little world.

Confidence can leave you fearful of pursuing what you love . . . worrying about what others think can also plummet your courage but, when a loved one gives you a pat on the back and says ‘ go and do it ‘ all manner of doubt fades steadily away . . .

My words and musings on horses and mindfulness have not flowed as regularly as I had hoped in recent months. But, a new dream of mine is busying itself and preparing to come to life, so my blog has kindly taken a quiet step back until it’s pages can regularly be filled again – and they will – because my new dream is actually, wonderfully bringing itself into the meadow and into my day to day time with my ponies as I type. Mindfulness with Horses is well and truly coming to fully fledged life  . . . I’m living what I write as well as writing what I live.

When what you love comes back to you, you have to trust it . . .  right?











Silver linings

Calm and kindness amongst nature . . .

Something about the birdsong in the meadow, when the traffic has steadied, the tractors have finished their roaring past and the faint sound of their busy work can only be noticed from a distance . . . something then, about that beautiful bird song is so calming, so humbling and so very therapeutic, it’s as if they they’re singing just for you and you’re the only one that can hear it.

Soft ripples and sparkling waves


Do you ever have those moments where things get a little bit overwhelming? You’re not really sure why? But the feelings build and build until you’re not quite sure what to do with yourself! I experienced a moment just like this recently. It’s a regular occurrence as an individual who sees the world through worried eyes. But, in the midst of my angst something remarkable happened. I was alerted to a tiny sound upon the ground, and there, quietly in his own state of worry, was a tiny, precious lost duckling who had wandered too far from his mother.

I know the meadow inside out. Each corner of the bank which drops down to the river is where the ducks nestle and start their families. This tiny, lost little creature needed some help, so, I very gently scooped him up in my hands, carefully carried him to the river bank where just as hoped, mother duck was waiting and quacking with her two other children! Her voice calmed at the sight of her infant and I placed him down beside her. Happily the four of them hobbled back into the river and swam over the ripples and floated down stream rekindled once more. What a beautiful sight on an anxious morning. A silver lining and a gentle reminder that kindness is a healer to each other and to ourselves . . .

The magical meadow river



Crystal clear paddling




Afternoon Daydreams

Little day dreamer ~


They place their soft noses into your hands, and breathe warm air onto your skin.

They look into your eyes and grow to know you, heart by heart.

They look out for you each day.

They always communicate honestly and sweetly, towards everyone. They care about each other deeply and their silent words and whispered emotions speak a thousand languages.

They are my horses .  . . They are my place, and they are my home . . .


Grief ~ a year on

When sadness struck our meadow – the sun kept shining . . .

It’s okay to remember. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to hang on to all that we had.

It’s okay to smile, move forwards and be brave, because here in my heart is where you’ll always be  . . .


~ Bridie ~

1991 – April 2016

‘ Losing a beloved animal is probably a different sort of grief to losing a beloved person. But . . . what if that animal was ‘like a person’ to you . . . anything loved so much when lost will cause a crushing sound to the heart . . . but life. . . funny, muddled up, curious, joyful, sad, mysterious life always finds a way to scoop you up, dust you off, and say . . .

‘ It’s going to be okay ‘

And it really will . . .